I installed this distro and ALL commercial modules are installed… Very confusing as it leads to thinking that all should work.
Why is this done?

Well does it affect functionality? Does V3 stable do this too? I have an install and I just registered this deployment and bought a couple modules… But will I be stuck with this forever? Is there a different ISO i should use?

Their is no V3 so not sure what you are referring to. As far as stuck with. You can go into module admin and uninstall or disable any module you dont want installed.

The FreePBX Distro installs all supported modules from FreePBX so that includes both GPL Opensource and Commercial Modules.


Thanks for reply Tony, when can we see an updated ISO to released so this no longer happens?
Does this ISO do it too?Stable-3.211.63-10

At what disk level did this happen? is there an archived version that does not do this that can simply be updated through module admin to get current?

Would you recommend that I simply just uninstall? or disable? which will take them out of menus?

What do you mean see a ISO that this no longer happens in. As I stated Commercial Modules are all pre-installed with the ISO. You can go into module admin and disable or uninstall the ones you dont want.

Not sure what you are asking here.