Best way to upgarde PBX Firmware:10.13.66-22

Want to upgarde my PBX to the latest, need to do a clean install as when I initially did the install it was a 32bit image.

Is it possible to drag and drop (winscp) all the recordings, trunk and extension settings so I dont have to redo them. Not a big issue but would like to keep all previous call recordings if possible. Also there are a few purchased modules and i know the system will require un registering and re registering.

Never had much luck with the backup/restore option.

You can update the PBX under the updates module. or cli. You say firmware so this is a bit confusing

the backup and restore in freepbx15 was re-written from the ground up; now you can simply backup the 10.13.22 system and restore it to the new freepbx15 install …

for your module purchases - simply deactivate on the 10.13 system and move the SAME deployment ID to the new freepbx15 instance

@sentinelace Sorry me being lazy, just copied and paste from the admin screen. on the system overview
10.13.66-22 on the system admin page

For clarity: You can’t upgrade a 32-bit install to a 64-bit install directly, you have to either use the Upgrade Script. Even then, there are things that may not get handled cleanly - the script is good, but not all-knowing.

Once you have a 64-bit installation in place, you can (if you install FreePBX Version 15 and upgrade it to current) backup the old server (see various posts about the ins and outs) and then using the FPBX15 RESTORE function to restore the old data to the new server.

Note that this is relatively new software, so there may be a hitch in this process as well.

Finally, the ‘tried and true’ method is to upgrade by hand, use the bulk-handler (when possible) and copy the files you need from the old system to the new system. This is my preferred method, since many things have changed from the old software to the new software and some options are no longer relavant or new options have been added. For example, PJ-SIP is the preferred SIP Channel Driver now, so all of the old Chan-SIP settings that are tied to port 5060 will mess you up.

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