Best way to track an outbound call?

Have a pbx with about 60 phones tied to it. I’ve gotten a ticket that the PBX is automatically calling someone on their home phone. Of course my first thought is the admin doesn’t realize someone is actually dialing that number, but when I look up in CDR I do not see any calls going to that number. Is CDR the best way to find if/when an outbound call is made?

I do believe these calls were made, just can’t find who made them.

If they are not in the CDR then they were not made by any extension known to FreePBX, you may have been hacked.

Turn up logging in Asterisk (core set verbose 6) then after one of these calls have been made search /var/log/asterisk/full using the grep utility to find that phone number (IE: grep 2125556969 full)

You may also want to look that logging may have been on and you could have an archive full log for that time. These are also in /var/;log/asterisk

Thanks SkykingOH, my fear was the same, but even if hacked would the outbound call not be shown in CDR? I’ve looked for all the obvious sections that would identify a hack and none of them are there, any other advice? btw, sorry for not responding quicker, I didn’t get a notification of a response, I’ll keep the page up to get responses quicker.