Best way to set up receptionist phone?

Right now we have extension 400 set up for our receptionist. Any calls to her that she misses get sent to extension 400 voicemail. This works unless her phone gets forwarded to another extension (401) because she isn’t here. Then if the extension 401 misses the call it goes to 401 voicemail. How can we keep the 400 calls in 400 voicemail even if the calls are forwarded?

Why not use a follow me instead of a call forward so and then the receptionist could turn on the follow me as needed and turn it off afterwards. This would allow you to set this up so that the call goes to ext. 400 voicemail if ext. 401 (set on the follow me) did not answer.

I’ve never tried that. I’ll have to read about it. Thanks.

Could the receptionist extension be virtual so that anyone could be the receptionist as needed?

We usually just use a ring group for reception, solves a lot of issues and makes it more versatile in case they want another receptionist later.

Just make a ring group, add the reception phone as the only member, and set the destination no answer to the receptionist’s voicemail. That way, even if the reception phone is call forwarded somewhere else, the call always ends up at the right mailbox.

Another problem is that the receptionist wants their own extension/voicemail. So that people can call for her and not have their voicemail in the receptionist voicemail.

The way I’ve taken care of this is to give the receptionist 2 numbers. One as the receptionist and the other as personal.


I decided to use the ring group method. She is extension 480 and at the top of the ring group. The only downside is that when someone dials 0 internally, it rings instead of intercom.

ivr? or do you need a receptionist