Best way to move FreePBX installation to new server?

What’s the best way to move an installation / configuration from one server to another (different hardware)? I’d like to keep everything – modules, extensions, recordings, etc.

If I make a simple backup through the FreePBX UI and download that backup, can I simply restore it on the fresh FreePBX installation on the new server? Or will I likely have problems?

I suppose you should also have to backup the original mysql databases and restore them to the new server.
Also, You need to create the Mysql asterisk user on the new server with same name and password

Pilovis is wrong, the FreePBX backup tool takes care of the databases for you.

You simply need to restore to the same version FreePBX, you can’t restore to a different version.

He is correct that after the restore you will need to reset your database credentials as they will be overwritten by the backup.