Best way to manage extension voicemail failover

Hi, We have a user that has two extensions, one in our main office and another in a remote home office.

The man office extension has voicemail and we want to retain this extension as the primary one as it also has a DDI associated to it.

What we woudl like to be able to do is divert all calls to the remote extension when not in the main office but if the remote extension is not answered we want the voicemail on the primary ( main office extension ) to kick in.

Can anyone let me know the best way to manage this please.


  1. In the second extension’s config, set the voicemail box to the primary phone’s voicemail.
  2. Send the call to a ring group with one number (the extension) in it. Set the failover time to 19 seconds. Have the failover destination be voicemail->PrimaryExtension. Set the extension’s timeout to 20 seconds.

perfect. Thanks for your help.