Best way to integrate languages (FRENCH)

Hi guys,

I’m installing a whole new FreePBX distro.

In the past, I always have problems when trying to install language packs.

For some reason, there are always some spoken messages that remain in English, even though the language pack is installed, and I have to spend a log of “debugging” time using the ASTERISK CLI…

So as I’m instally this vanilla, untouched by men, FreePBX distro, I would like to know the right way to completely and efficiently install a language pack (for my current install, it’s French).


The issue is we use prompts that are not just from Asterisk. Modules themselves can include their own prompts for things Asterisk does not include and they are only done in English.

Geez guys the sound files are right on Digium’s site:

Don’t change SIP.conf, FreePBX controls that.

I think that it’s in general settings but may be in localization.