Best way to "Embed" FreePBX?

OK, so I am a long-time FreePBX user, and I much prefer using FreePBX as it comes from the factory, not in the various “Embedded” forms that various distros use. My system is currently an Elastix Distro for various reasons, and I see a pile of negative effects of the way that they “embed” FreePBX into their own interface.

Having said that, I also see why they want to do something like that, as it makes the overall interface for the entire Distro that much more uniform and that much less confusing, especially for less experienced users.

All in all, the main benefits are:
1.) The inclusion of the Distro’s Main navigation bar along the top of the window.
2.) Consistent colors/look.

So, my question is this: Does anyone have suggestions as to how a distro might take advantage of these benefits without having to significantly modify FreePBX and run into these disadvantages:

1.) Significantly increased development time.
2.) Introduction of new bugs during the embedding process
3.) Having things break if you perform a Version upgrade in Module Admin

Basically, if I could achieve #1, above, I would be happy. Whether any of the Distro maintainers would be happy is another question…

Just throwing this out there,