Best way to broadcast a call in real time to a large amount of people (1000+)

This is a new one for me. They want to do their annual meeting virtually and want to use the PBX to have everyone be able to call in and listen while muted. Not sure what the practical and theoretical limits on the PBX are or what the best solution would be. I know we used the broadcast module last week to do 90 concurrent calls and that seemed to work fine, but I’m nervous about trying 1000 concurrent calls let alone 1000 members of a conference bridge.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

1000 concurrent calls needs one hell of an asterisk machine, mostly your limits will be bandwidth and linux’ own ulimits. Don’t even think about recording it or transcoding. Lots of cores wont help, lots of memory wont be a bad thing.

I would love to see the outcome.

p.s. by my experience, your vsp might also have a soft limit that you could run into, check with them first

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Voip Innovations says the concurrent call limit is 2000 or something pretty high. Ive got processors and memory to spare but I think I’m going to have to look at other options.

look at jitsi . . . .

What are the specs on your PBX? What is the speed of the Internet connection the PBX uses? I have a system that does around 1000 calls at a time. It’s not doing conferencing at that size but it probably could.

At this point you would need about a 100x100Mbps connection. 1000 calls @ 80Kbps is 80Mbps of bandwidth consumed.

Since you said “any”…

I’d outsource it. If it’s an annual meeting, spend the money once a year on a service that does this kind of thing. For example, I believe a one-month sub to Zoom’s “large meeting” packkage would be in the vicinity of $120.


Just an idea, what about building a “temporary” FreePBX machine in the cloud. Adjust the memory and CPU based on stress testing. After you are done you can keep the logs, download the machine, keep the machine off in the cloud, or simply delete the whole project. You pay for what you use.

So much this. Do not try and reinvent the wheel. There are commodity services that do what you want already.


This is it ^. It’s not that you couldn’t, but given the effort and importance, I’d actually say this is the cheaper option.

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