Best Softphone?

I am using the x-lite and seems to work well. Is the best option to use the Bria softphone for more professional look? I can only take in one line it seems with x-lite

I use the Grandstream softphone however I also do have Bria but the grandstream on it FREE

do you have a link? I see it for android but not windows

oh nevermind I thought you were wanting for softphone for iphone or droid.

I have used xlite in the past and it worked ok for me

What features do you need/want?

I need to be able to have two lines, put on hold, transfer calls, monitor other lines, the basics

I normally use Zoiper Classic, but it does not have the BLF/presence functionality you require. It can do the rest.

Microsip is not a bad option!!!

I hate to break it to you, but “monitor other lines” is not a Basic.

My opinion Linphone!

what I mean by monitor is know who is on a line

Me too, unless you’re talking about Caller ID.

no. What would I need to monitor calls then?

Two option that come to mind are iSympony and [FOP2] ( I’m sure there are others.

I don’t usually recommend iSymphony. While it does integrate nicely, the cost to get past a couple of phones is pretty steep. On the other hand, FOP2 has always been “fragile” for me. It’s probably the way I hold my tongue when I install it.

Having said that,. both of these are excellent tools for monitoring who’s on your lines and a lot of other really cool managerial stuff.