Best setup for remote mgmt of greeting for bad weathe

Ok so unwanted input for the community as to the best way to go about what I want to do. So we want the ability to be able to easily enable and disable a “bad weather greeting” so when customers call on a normal business day, but we closed due to bad weather, they don’t sit for 5 rings and get kicked to voice mail.

I didn’t know if an IVR with like a hidden code would work or if I should use a custom destination or what.

The config how we have it now consists of the incoming route going to a time condition, which during business hours goes to a short “we’ll be right with you” system recording. Out of hours gets kicked directly to bosses voice mail.

To recap, we want to be able to call in before or during business hours and be able to enable or disable a “bad weather greeting” override while maintaining the transparency that we have now.

Thank you all for your support and thoughts :slight_smile:

Sorry for the typos! Still learning the forum :slight_smile:

Hi Bort900,

I believe your thinking of something like day/night mode, not sure if there is an additional one you can create but lets say it’s a manual process.
Assuming you take your main number and run it to a time condition, why not make
Another time condition for bad-weather then program the appropriate recording for it. When it’s bad weather replace the destination of the primary number and your set. Things get back to normal and you simply switch the destination of the primary number.

Thats my quick method…

The way I do this…
Create a system recording and enable the remote access to change it.
Use this system recording in an announcement.
Point the inbound route to the announcement.
Point the announcement to the former destination of the inbound route.
Access the system recording however you want (hidden IVR, etc.)
You May then record your message. When a person calls, they will hear the announcement, then they will fall through to the regular destination.
You can change the announcement at will. When you no longer need the announcement, access it again just like you are going to change is, but after hitting the “*” to rerecord quickly hit the “#”. This effectively erases the announcement.