Best practice to create extensions for use with ARI (Stasis application)

General ARI guidelines refer to the “pure” Asterisk but what would be best practice to create new extensions to use with ARI (Stasis application)?

I understand that I have to manually add Stasis dialplan to the extensions_custom.conf.
Should I also manually add ALL mentioned extensions to the pjsip.endpoint_custom.conf OR I can still use GUI to create and maintain extensions?

EXAMPLE: extensions_custom.conf
exten => 700,1,NoOp(entering ${CONTEXT} as defined in extensions_custom.conf)
same => n,Answer()

Should I manually add extension 700 to the pjsip.endpoint_custom.conf and then mention it in Admin -> Custom Extensions or I can use GUI to create extension 700? (perhaps, with some following manipulations with it?)

Generally you want to use the GUI for everything you can. In this case you want something like this:

exten => s,1,NoOp(entering ${CONTEXT} as defined in extensions_custom.conf)
same => n,Answer()

And then an extension of type custom with a dial string of:

local/[email protected]

Another note: FreePBX 15 (currently in beta) has an official API which allows you to create extensions

Great, thanks!

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