Best practice/strategy for multiple trunks to multiple extensions dialplan

My situation is as follows - and this may not be uncommon: my phone provider does not offer a SIP trunk, but individual SIP accounts for the series of numbers we have (e.g. 5553201, 5553202, 5553203, …).
Each colleague gets assigned on of these public numbers as “their” respective direct line (i.e. incoming calls on that number should primarily ring on that phone and outgoing calls from that phone shall go through that trunk). One number will be used as the front-desk/receptionist.

I would need to setup multiple extensions - one for each colleague to connect their phone.

What is the best strategy for organizing this?
Do I need multiple inbound and outbound routes, one for each extension-trunk combo or is there a way to handle this better, e.g. if extensions and trunks are named in a particular fashion?

Easiest way to handle this with FreePBX is the commercial module “Extension Routing” - it’s inexpensive and will allow you to accomplish this easily - doing it outside the module is doable, but not simple - take the path of least resistance.

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