Best Practice for The New V15 Backup/Restore module?

I was reviewing the new backup module and realized that after i upgraded, the default job has no modules selected, so I guess that means that the backups are empty?
I went looking for the manual for the backup module but could find none.
I would like to know how people are using the module, I mean, are you just selecting all modules blindly or are you only selecting the modules you think you need backed up…anything wrong with selecting them all?

thanks in advance

You are free to select or not select whatever modules you want. A good place to start is to have all modules selected for a full backup. Know that if you have the Call Recording Reports module installed and licensed, when you include that module it will include call recordings in the backup which may not be what you want.

Lorne, sorry i missed that page, i will review. is it up to the individual module to decide what is included in the backup and what is not?

Yes. If you have a requirement to backup something manually that is not done automatically by the module, you need the latest version described here: Backup & Restore FreePBX 15+ – Adding support for custom files or directories

great, thanks

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