Best practice for module updates?

Hello Forum
What is world-best-practice for FreePBX updates ?
We’ve started using FreePBX in production. No problems at the moment.
I receive emails advising of module updates.
Is it preferred to keep FreePBX patched and up to date, or is it better to leave alone a working system ? If its not broken, don’t try to fix it.
Security should be ok since we don’t need to open any ports to internet.
TIA’s for suggestions, and experience of others.


TIA’s for any ideas of others.

Updating quarterly is more than sufficient.

If a new feature comes out that you want, that of course can drive an upgrade path.

Minor revisions (point revisions) are very low risk.

Major revisions should be given more thought, especially if a hand built and not a FreePBX distro system.

If you have used a distro other than FreePBX Distro you should ask the developers of that distribution.

Remember FreePBX is the software package used by many PBX distro’s. “The FreePBX distro” is an ISO install of CentOS, Asterisk, FreePBX and all the other parts pre-configured. It seems that folks interchange them.

Ok Thx
I’ll get used to ignoring the gui warnings about module upgrades, and cancel the email alerts.
Note in diary to update in about 3-4 months.