Best practice for logging in and out please?

Digium Phones Config


We use several D40 Digium Phones at our office.

We place them in “open space” workstations where people will work when they’re at the office.

Meaning that it’s not always the same person using a specific phone.

So right now what we do is:

Everytime somone leaves the space they will put their extension in “DND” or “away”

When someone new arrives, they will go into settings > Advanced > Reset to factory default then choose their extension.

I can’t believe this is the right way to do it?

Is there an easier way / best practice for logging on and off a D40 phone please?

Thanks !!!

Try “User and device” mode

I have no idea how well user and device mode is going to play with the Digium phones addon for FreePBX.

Rather than what you’re doing now, why not have them press the Check button, then 5 for Advanced, then 1 for Reconfigure?

how to easily log off?

for some reason, when I do the RECONFIGURE routine, if I don’t log ON the phone quite soon, after that I will get “time out” errors and I will have to completely reboot the phone to get it working.

Ahh, right, yeah…I forgot about that. So, correct, we don’t have a standard or simple mechanism for “log off.”

any way to make a feature request for a potential future firmware package release?



Already on the list, thank you :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t have to do that, you should just have to hit the retry button.

Hi Malcom,
Since you’re talking about adding a logout feature - could we A) make a configurable timer based on activity to the logout feature that if we’re in device and user mode and the device is set to “add-hoc”? and B ) You could even go one step further and log back in the default user, if set, on the device.

This way if (more like when ) a roaming user does not log out of the device, the system times them out after a period of inactivity.

Or in the case of a roaming user “borrowing” a device at desk - the normal user is logged back in after the thoughtless phone hijacker departs.

Just my 2 cents - I have this exact situation and Im trying to think of ways to circumvent it. Most likely with scripting, duct tape and voodoo magic :slight_smile: