Best practice for changing PJSIP phone to SIP and removing second phone

What is the best practice or way to change a PJSIP phone that has two different phones tied to the name? I have an employee that was setup with two phones utilizing the same extension. The employee no longer needs to second phone and I would like to set it up for a new hire. Would I just select the extension > browse to advanced and change the max contacts to 1?

You don’t change the channel driver (pjsip). That has nothing to do with it.
You don’t change the “Max Contacts”. That has nothing to do with it.

You simply reprogram the desired desk phone to register as the extension you want it to register as.

How are you programming the phone?

If it’s a brand new phone that hasn’t been configured I would typically go to End Point Manager > Network Scan and then assign the phone to an extension. Once it’s been assigned I then navigate to the phones GUI and set it up to report to our PBX system.

The phone I want to use is already configured to an extension. That extension is set to PJSIP so it allows for two connections. I want to remove one of those connections so that I can assign the phone to someone else.

Example extension is 103 has 2 and new is 104.

That means in EPM, you should have
103-1 Jared Busch
103-2 Jared busch

and then whatever MAC, device, etc.

Click edit on 103-2 and delete it from EPM. That will not do anything to the phone itself. It only removes the config.

Now add a new extension and choose
104-1 New Person

Assign everything like normal. Save and rebuild. Do not update, that phone is not on 104 yet anyway.

Now select the checkbox for 103-1 and choose save, rebuild, and update.

Both current phones on 103 will check for updates. The one with a MAC address on 103-1 will check, see no change and be done.

The one that was 103-2 will check the mac.cfg file, and pull in the new information, resulting in 104-1 coming online.


Very helpful! Thank you Jared!

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