Best Phone to use

Loaded question I’m sure, but…

I’m new to FreeBPX and come with Mitel HX and Vertical Wave experience, and the phones on these systems are great. But in trying to get my Mitel phones to work with FreePBX, I’ve noticed some incompatibles. I like the Vertical phones, and really like that they have OpenVPN built into the phone so all you have to do is configure the phone instead of building a whole VPN solution for the network. The problem is these phones are tailored for their perspective phone systems, and only handle SIP as a second thought, in fact Mitel has ended SIP support for the MITEL 53XX phones.

In the perfect world my phone would include OpenVPN built in, allow for 10-20 LED BLF keys, that could be programmed with speed dial or handsfree intercom speed dial (*80Ext). Great sound quality, get config file from tftp server (or equivalent). Not cost $600…lol

Does that phone exist?

Would like to hear everyone’s thoughts on what they think about which phone is best for FreePBX.


Everyone has their own opinions, but we find the Yealink sets are a good balance and meet all of the requirements you’ve listed. The T26/T28 series have 10 BLF speed dials, built in openVPN, TFTP/provisioning support/great quality/etc for a reasonable price. There’s also the new T4X series which look really slick and include gigabit/paperless BLF/etc if you’re willing to spend more (still way cheaper than Polycom et al).

We offer quite a few FreePBX Certified models for purchase directly within the portal (at very competitive prices).

You can also take a look at End Point Manager Supported Devices here:

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