Best phone for the money

I run a freePBX distro installation in my very small home office type installation.

For the longest time Ive had a cisco 7960 sitting on my desk.

Last week the phone broke. So, I am in the market for a new desk phone.

In your opinion, should I just go out and buy a new Cisco 7960, or is there something better I could get for the same money?

I need something that can sit on my desk.
I do not have POE so I would need a power cable
I need a speaker phone
Three lines and a few speed dials would be nice. That or proper support of paging and call waiting all on one line.

I like the cisco phone alright (once I finally got it running), I would just go get another one, but if i’m spending money, Id like to spend it on the best phone money can buy.

Let me know what you all think,

Aastra 6739i

If you like the Cisco you will hate the Aastra. The Aastra has a ton of features but the Cisco feels and sounds better.

I am as big an Aastra fan boy as anyone here. Just making a personal observation.

The Speakerphone on the Cisco is top notch, and the feel of the handset and solid keys can’t be beat.

Since you are already used to basic functionality why don’t you just pick up a Cisco 797x, it’s color touch screen and under $200 refurbed on eBay.

Aastra 6757i.