Best Operator Panel


Wondering what is the best Operator Panel to use with Asterisk 13. Also are there any free panels apart from FOP? I understand everyone’s opinion will be different but its nice to see what everyone thinks.

The two main players that I am aware of are iSymphony and FOP2.

I like FOP2 because it is light weight and has the basic features you would expect in an operator panel. FOP2 is also a lot less expensive per seat than iSymphony.

iSymphony is a great product wit ha lot of features. It is a bit more costly per seat than FOP2.

Both have trial versions so you can try both and determine which you like best.

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We tried with all our might to get iSymphony working on numerous servers. Out of the box in the latest FreePBX distro, it does not work. Spent literally hours trying to figure it out. Installed FOP2 in fewer than 5 minutes. About an hour later, we bought multiple licenses. It’s nowhere near perfect, and the current release version (2.28) has a few bugs specific to Asterisk 13 (and I believe 12), but for the most part, it gets the job done.

Just to let everyone know we decided to go with FOP2 and haven’t regret it so far! Really simple to use and does the job!

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iSymphony is hard to set up, once running it is fine but weird to use. FOP2 worked very well I thought, but is no longer supported.
I have noticed on several occasions, some upgrades seem to break it, it is not broken on my system and I will not put it back on again. I am done with it, too bulky, too slow, hard to get it running and the install guide, I found it to be very much sucky.

Just my 2 cents, for what it may be worth.

Ya, we’re using FOP2, but there are a lot of bugs :confused:

I wish I could use fonality’s HUD application with our FreePBX server. Anyone know if this is possible?