Best method to modify internal callerid

our hardware sip phone save callerid number to the internal “miss call list” and “incoming call list”. but we want to have callerid display name in the list also. since the hardware vender say they won’t fix it, i can only find another way.
my thought is to attach the callerid name to the number. so if a callerid with name= john and number=1234, i want to modify the callerid number to become “1234#john”.
i try doing some test in extensions_custom.conf, and it seems good, the sip phone accept this kind of callerid number and if i set the correct “1234#john” extension, the sip phone call correctly call back to john via the “miss call list” or “incoming call list”.
now i try to put this logic to freepbx system. for the call back part, i think maybe i can set route for “_XXXX#” and make a custom trunk to let it call the correct internal number. but how do i modify the callerid for every internal sip call? i don’t want to do this manually for every extension number, because this is a workarround solution for the hardware. is there any place
i can change “1234” to “1234#john” dynamically? or give me a hint about where to start.
thanks a lot for help!!

macro-user-callerid would probably be the place to start. Just be careful you don’t lose your changes when upgrading.

Greg MacLellan - Core freePBX Developer
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i am afraid you say that macro :slight_smile: thanks for the hint. i will look at that. i am still thinking if there are other ways to hook freepbx, so i don’t need to worry about upgrade in the future.
and when i try making route and trunk for this need. i found that “#” is not working at route dial patterns. route dial patterns like “ZXXX#” won’t work. but “" seems ok. "ZXXXX” is ok. is there any way i can use “#” in the route dial patterns? or maybe this is a bug?
thanks for your help!!