Best Hosted Server Provider

Hey all - new to the forum and relatively new to FreePBX (I was able to get successful live distro up and running on a dedicated box - as well as toy around with the Google Voice module. Had calls running to my softphone - which is good for me as a noob to all this.)

I wanted to ask about Hosted Server providers.

Which is the best? And by best I mean - I will have 1-3 people on phone calls - one at all times - 2 at same time only for about 1 to 2 hours - and the 3rd at same time as others sporadically. (Point is could be all 3 at once - but 85% of time just one and about 10%+ of time 2)

Further by best I mean CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! Yet reliable and provides NO problems with call quality, reliability, and access. For instance - I have GoDaddy domains and I get free Economy hosting with that domain. Which is awesome because I have vTiger running for basically ‘free’ on that free economy plan (other than about $10/yr cost for domain). I don’t know I could get away with this for Asterisk/PBX solution - but as close to it as possible. I am running on a total shoe string, but trying to advance technology and grow. (Currently using Google Voice free phone with click to dial Chrome plug in - so I’ll be taking a working solution from free to expense - but want to keep it closer to the ‘free’ side until production starts warranting much more investment in technology.)

I hate the thought of managing a server - (not really super savvy - enough to be dangerous) - but I could put a dedicated machine with 512MB ram, 40GB Hard Drive, 3.2GHz HT processor, and the internet connection is an abismal UP to 3Mbs download and UP to 512Kbs upload. Could I get away with that reliably?

Your help is greatly appreciated.