Best development environment to use?

I have a general development question. I am use to C, C++, Java, etc… and not so much HTML or PHP. I haven’t used HTML in a while so I am somewhat familiar with it, PHP I have not specifically used, but from the tutorials I get the general gist of it. I have downloaded the Helloworld example and started looking at it, but I am wondering about a ide to use. I am familiar with eclipse so I have the PHP kit installed and it does phrase and check it fine, but is it necessary to have to do all the HTML code by hand? Is there a better programming environment (ide) that can phrase the HTML in a more visual format so I 'm not having to figure out all the div’s and formatting? I know of HTML editors, but none of them will read the PHP. I know this sounds rather newbe even though I have been programming for years, but HTML has advanced beyond my common knowledge to write a bunch of input fields and lists. I can’t seem to find any online tutorials on freepbx modules other then some rough explanations on the file structure. I’d appreciate any suggestions and am a willing subject to learn. Thanks!

vscode (Visual Studio by Microsoft) has all the plugins for any language anyone would reasonably want, the price is agreeable. I suggest you try it. The down side is that there is no auto-pilot apart from the linting, you still have to do the coding.

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What device(s) do you prefer to use, there are a lot of options across many OSs now. As dicko mentioned, VSC has worked well for us in Windows and MacOS environments.

Thanks for the replies, I am most familiar with eclipse, and I use a mix of Windows and CentOS, depending on the application. I have downloaded VSC, and launched it but I have not looked at it closely, as the C and Java I currently work on is in Eclipse. I’m not looking to anything to automate coding in general, what I was looking for was a more visual tool for the HTML. For example in Java there are swing tools to see the widgets and place them according to the layouts you specify and it generates the code for placement, but the rest is up to me. Basically a HTML layout editor that can understand PHP to help with the placement. As the helloworld example, each item is nested in about 6~8 <div ???> statements which by just looking at the code does not give me where on the page it actually sits. I know its by a grid, (hence the “row” and “column”) but it would be nice to have something that can show me within the ide instead of having to write something, package and upload it to the server, to see if I get the desired result. I am a learn by example kind of guy so I will look over existing modules to see how its done, but if I can find something that is more visual and where I can see the result immediately would make this a lot easier to get into. I guess this also plays into CSS, I am looking into that too in more detail as I believe that may be what I am running into as I have not studied it at all yet. I’m sure this will all come together once I can get my mind wrapped around the the concepts. Gotta start somewhere! Thanks!

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