Best approach for one extension and three cell phone to ring


I am looking for best approach: for inbound line

  1. rings extension for 4 seconds ext 100 if not answered then
  2. cell phone 8881234001 rings for 4 seconds if not answer then
  3. cell phone 8881234002 rings for 4 seconds if not answered then
  4. cell phone 8881234002 rings for 4 seconds if not answered then
  5. voicemail blast

Should I use IVR with ques, ring groups or fallow me?

The chances of anything being picked up in 4 seconds is pretty small, one complete ring cycle is 2 seconds of ring , four seconds of silence in the US. so you only get to hear one two second bell, No toll free number will even start ringing four seconds after a call is started to them.

thank you dicko, I can extend to 8 seconds for each = 4 rings for each destination number:

ext 100
then cell 1
ext 101 uses just cell 2
ext 102 uses just cell 3
finally vM blast

I am not sure if I can use ring groups with virtual extensions FM enabled on each with cellphone # at the end or better use ques with static agents.

If my math is correct the whole call starting ringing with ext 101 and then each cell should take 32 seconds. How tell PBX if cell phone 1 not picked up then ring cell phone 2 and then cell phone 3? Use option with confirm call?

100 is an extension with a 'ring time of 8 seconds and a ‘no answer’ to the first cell phone number, the three toll-free’s virtual extensions similarly with a ring time of 8 seconds (still not nearly enough for a cell phone behind a toll-free) and a destination for ‘no answer’ as appropriate.

Depending on what else your are trying to do, this may not be best, but you could just have one extension and the cell phones and ring strategy in FMFM, fail over to VM. With that you just need to build one extension, no IVR, no ringgroup, no queue.

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I will try to add all cell phone numbers in FM under 100 extension, but I have to use IVR in main number inbound since they have option 1 , 2 , and 3 and mainly 1 are office numbers: extension 100 and three cell phones

  1. Inbound Route points to Ext 100

  2. Enable find me follow me on Extension 100

  3. In your Follow-Me List, put your phone numbers: number + #

  4. Set ring time to 4

  5. Set ring strategy to hunt

If you need each number to exist on its own extension, then create 1 virtual extension per phone number. You could use the last 4 digits of the phone number as the extension number. Then find/follow that extension as desired.

cool I am worry about call going into cell phone voice mail, I am not sure if I should use confirm calls to make sure if one of these cell phones pick the call goes into another one …

Confirm calls is one way to do it - the other is to set the ring time to less time than it takes for the cell phone voicemail to answer and inform the user to just let the call ring if they don’t plan on answering. Asterisk detects actively hitting an ignore button as an answer and the call will then end up in the cell phone voicemail.

The only issue with NOT using confirm call is Asterisk also detects a phone off or cell phone going to voicemail due to no coverage (happens often in Maine), so I always recommend using confirm call, its a pain in the ass to the person who answers the cell phone call but assures the voicemail isnt left on the cell phone for any reason.

Also this. If you use confirm call, I recommend increasing the ring timer a bit since it will take the user longer to answer the call.

cool, thank you so much all for all advices !!! have a nice weekend !!!

Seems like all works just fine when inbound DID is directed to 100 extension with fallow me enabled.

Initial ring time set to 4 and ring strategy 25 , in hunt seems like it works like I wanted. The only problem is I have option press 1 for, 2 for … , 3 for … so I have to use IVR and point each option to ext 100. IVR changes the way what I did in 100 and fallowed me. In my FM I used Fixed CID Value so it dialed out with specific number (actually main number) and after some time the call goes into second cell phone voice mail.

What’s the timeout on your IVR?

2 seconds

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