Beronet GSM card (BN1GSM & BN3GSM)

I have an old asterisk box, which I want to format and reinstall with FreePBX distro. This box has one Beronet ISDN pci card (Cologne chip, HFC-4S) and one Beronet GSM card (BN3GSM).

From what I’m reading, the HFC-4S card is a typical Cologne chip card and should work out of the box. So no worries there.

But, I can’t find any information about the BNxGSM cards (BN1GSM, BN3GSM, etc), there isn’t much information if they are supported or not and how to install them to FreePBX distro.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

The existing system uses a lot of custom compiled stuff, one is chan_gsm and the other is misdn. I don’t think any of them exist in FreePBX distro.