Behind NAT No incoming

So I was running asterisk open source and decided to switch to FreePBX for added features. Behind a NAT I have an iphone softphone app. It connects but no audio so I added this to sip_nat.conf. Now I get audio but no incoming, so if I comment out externip I can get incoming but back to no audio on the iphone. Any suggestions on my other opensource box I had a context = inbound in my nat settings but that didn’t do anything here. all ports are forwaded on my router

externip= <- MY actual isp ip

port=8080? i think the parameter is bindport.

in any event since you have just switched to freePBX, you would be better server to config this all using freePBX itself [Tools|Asterisk SIP Settings] which will correctly take your input from the GUI and make the appropriate config file entries.

That was it