Beep on transfer

Hoping this is an easy fix.
With an attended transfer, the 3rd party is “arriving” on the line with no announcement. Can the system send a beep as the line is switched?

If the display updated, we could get away without the sound, but I have a tie line between two phone systems, transfers on the Asterisk system update the display just fine (though, no beep) and transfers from the trunk leave the first party’s name on the screen, so without a beep there is nothing to tell you to speak.

I dont expect to be able to solve the connected-line display issue, but I sure hope a beep on transfer is possible.

I already tried adding to features_general_custom.conf

xfersound = beep
xferfailsound = beeperr
pickupsound = beep
pickupfailsound = beeper

seems to have no affect at all.

Asterisk 11, Freepbx 13.

I have the same problem. No beeb when the transfer comes back.

The beep is only played when you transfer the call with the asterisk feature code. If you use the transfer button on the phone it doesn’t work.