Beep During Page

Hey guys.
I know the title is a little vague, but I am not sure how to describe what is going on. So here it goes.
During our page about 5 seconds in we have a loud beep come across the phones.
Has anyone had a problem similar to this?

Probably your switches are slowing down the page getting to the phones (Broadcast Storm?) and delaying the beep.

In a normal page, you will hear 2 beeps - first beep comes across the handset when you (the initiator) are connected to the bridge - second beep comes through the phones you are paging when they join the bridge.

No audio comes through the paged phones until this beep is heard - you can test this yourself by hitting the paging extension and then immediately start reciting your ABC’s and see what is the first letter you hear through the phones.

Another place to look is the recording settings for the extensions (both the paged extension and the calling extension) and make sure the “beep during recording” button is off.