Basic installation structure

Merry Christmas! I am trying to figure out what I need. We have 4 people that need phones. 2 of them exclusively use their cell phones. The other two can use soft phones at their PCs. We are currently using Grasshopper to route incoming calls to the two cell phones or to fax to email using the same inbound number for both voice and fax to email.

Here is the background:

I want to get rid of ATT as my internet provider because they are only 25 kps up and only 1 mps down and it is impossible to go VOIP on that speed. I am planning to replace them with Clear Internet & Voice, because that is my only option in my area for business internet besides ATT. Clear says they use G.711 Pass Through or Real Time Fax over IP via T.38. I assume that will allow me to send outbound faxes directly through their modem.

OK, here are my questions:

Can I set up an asterisk box connecting to Clear “Internet” and “Voice”, using my same phone number I have to receive both fax and voice, and send faxes outbound? If the answer is yes, what software and hardware gadgets do I need? This will lead me in the right direction and then I will research before bugging you the next time. I figured I needed a box for Linux-Asterisk, a card, and FreePBX. I guess I am the phone guy!

Thanks a lot for any help. I am excited about doing this project. Dan

I read the first post “So you have a problem…” and I realize there is a standard, sort of best way, to do this thing. Any comments to keep me on the straight and narrow will be kept to heart. Thanks, Dan