Basic Initial network setup question

Hello: First post here. I have purchased a sangoma UC60 along with some s500 ip phones. I will be using my analog pots lines therefore we have also purchased a Sangoma A20002DE 4 FXO PCI-E Analog Card w/ EC HW.

Do you see anything wrong with simply using a small router to segragate the network from my internal LAN? I know I can use Vlans, but given that IT is not my expertise, I would feel more comfortable simply using a router on a different subnet from my internal lan.

We are a small operation of no more than 8-10 ip phones.

Given this information, you could easily just put the phones and the server on the data LAN and call it good. While there is some facility to splitting out your resources, at this scale, the difference it’s goin to make isn’t going to be worth your time and trouble.

My suggestion - plug it in to your data LAN, set up your existing DHCP server to find and configure the phones, and go to town. The level of “tricky” this calls for is finding a block of addresses in your network that are contiguous so the phones are logically together. After that, you can use CIDR in the PBX firewall to limit who gets access to the server and Bob’s your uncle.

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