Bash: ./start_asterisk start

hi every body,
Im trying to install freepbx-2.3.0 with asterisk-1.4.19 on my RHEL5 system. I am following the installation steps given in freepbx installation guide for centos5. PHP and Mysql packages and their dependencies installed on my system(according to installation guide) are as follows:
1>mysql-5.0.22- 2>mysql-devel-5.0.22-
3>mysql-server-5.0.22- 4>php-5.1.6-15.el5.i386.rpm
5>php-cli-5.1.6-15.el5.i386.rpm 6>php-common-5.1.6-15.el5.i386.rpm
7>php-dba-5.16-15.el5.i386.rpm 8>php-gd-5.1.6-15.el5.i386.rpm
9>php-mysql-5.1.6-15.el5.i386.rpm 10>php-pdo-5.1.6-15.el5.i386.rpm
Every thing goes smoothly untill i give the following command:

./start_asterisk start

its showing error like :
bash:./start_asterisk : Permission denied

i have followed all the steps carefully mentioned in installation guide of centos 5. So could u plz help me to sort the reson and ailment of this error so that i may proceed furthur.

Thankx a lot in advance.

Try the DigAnTel.iso, it utilizes Centos 5 (RHEL 5), FreePBX and Asterisk.

The installation is completely automated.


You could make life easy for yourself and use a Distro like, but your problem sounds like a permissions or ownership problem.

You need to get asterisk, and apache running under the same user, usually asterisk.


hi eveybody !!!

                ITS REALLLY GREAT that people like mark are giving me the alternatives of my problem but it would be more great if u, the nice guyz, help me to gind out the solution  of my existing problem....plzzzz help me so that i may proceed furthur.

What do you get if you just type asterisk -vvvvv at the command line. (note the lack of usual r

This should? fire up asterisk and give some logging.

If this works, then ctrl-c and just type asterisk or switch to another screen (alt F2 if using keyboad and monitor on the same box) and run ./install_amp again.

Once started, amportal takes over the starting and stopping of Asterisk.

The problem with start_asterisk as i mentioned earlier is probably something to do with permissions. Either the ownership is wrong, or it is not executable.



The issue is we don’t know why it is not working EXACTLY but we can take a pretty good guess. You either missed one of the steps, or it completed with a error and you didn’t notice and moved on. There is NOT a roadmap that say’s permission problems mean that step “X” did not complete properly.

So the easy answer it to point you to a distro if possible, several are mentioned here and there are more around as they have the checks and balances built in to know if there is a problem.

Next thing is to tell you to go back to the beginning and start over (skip the install of the OS) but redo all the steps again (it can’t hurt anything), this time checking them off the sheet as you go and if you get a error stop at that point and ask about that error before going on.

Are you logged in a root? If so set the file permissions on start_asterisk

cd to the correct directory where start_asterisk is located

and set the permissions

chmod 754 start_asterisk

Yes that will fix that particular problem but there will be others. When it was installed, if everything went properly then he’d not have to do that. So some step was either missed or it failed and he went on. The setting of permissions is a big one to be missed. There are many directories that need to have permissions set. So determining why it failed and fixing it at that point is really more important then fixing this one command and it’s permissions.

thank u.
chmod 754 start_asterisk worked well. But a new problem has arisen with ./install_amp. When i give the following command:

./install_amp --username=asteriskuser --password=SOMEPASSWORD /* i have set a paasword in this column what i have given in GRANT LL…*/

it gives new error like:

bash: ./install_amp: Permissiom denied

I hope the same helping from ur side once again.

thanx a lot for ur assist.

chmod 754 install_amp

thanxxx a lot…
for ur kind suggestions as chmod 754 install_amp ran pretty welll.

can u tell me what path should i give…

Enter the path to use for your AMP web root:

I am confused to what i should fill in tis section. Is there need of giving I.P address of my machine or it needs something else.
Actually i am practicing for asterisk and freepbx as well. I have not any local domain. and using the name server only.

plzzz forgive me for my poor networking knowledge as m beginner to asterisk and freepbx both.

hope for ur kind suggestions once again…

hi everybody !!

                       I am trying to build an demo asterisk system in which I want to come through a FOP very first. After that i'll try to purchase hardwaes needed. So my first priority is to get FOP.

                     When I'm trying to install FreePBX-2.3.0 with Asterisk-1.4.19 in CentOS -5 then here is an option during the installation i.e;

Use simple Extensions [extensions] admin or seperate Devices and Users [deviceandusers]?

                    So could anybody tell me that is it possible to skip this option ? If not then what extension should I fill up in this section ?

thanx for your kind assists.

If during the install, freePBX can see a copy of amportal.conf in /etc, then it will use those settings and not ask you any questions.

If you are tripping up on these minor install issues, you may be better installing a distro, inspecting how it goes together, then doing it for yourself then.