Baseline File parameters

Good morning,

We have began working on our baseline file for Grandstream GXP-1780 and as I was looking through the different parameters, I noticed that parameters would jump from P66 to P71…Implying there is more parameters than what is being shown (if not, why the jump from P66 to P71, and not just P67, P68, etc…). Is there a list of ALL of the baseline parameters? The other issue we seem to be having, we try to change a value, such as for P212 - (# firmware provision server - 0 TFTP, 1 HTTP, 2 HTTPS), so we change it to 0, and it does not have any impact. It will still go to the default HTTP instead of TFTP. Any insight/suggestions?


So I have answered my own question. For the record and further guidance on anyone having the same issue: The built in template on FreePBX has the incorrect P-Codes. The real P-Codes for GrandStream phones are located at their website, grandstream dot com -> support -> tools.

Scroll down to “Config Templates” and go by those P-Codes.

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