Basefile edit slow

Wondering if it’s something with our system or normal for the basefile edit to take about 4 minutes to submit/regenerate? Regenerate takes a bit longer. Not sure if Chrome is causing an issue. I know it’s a hefty page, but nothing else seems to take that long. The rest of the system appears pretty snappy when submitting/reloading. Top doesn’t indicate anything odd chewing up CPU/mem.

4 minutes seems long. It can take 20-30 seconds to load the page as their are usually thousands of entries it has to read from the database and draw the page.

My aastra.cfg file just plain won’t regenerate. I add the settings, submit, and hit regenerate template, but the file doesn’t change.

This is a known bug that was reported the last few days and has been resolved in the next release.

Ok thanks, do you know when that’ll be out?

In the next few days.