Base Vanilla Install

Hi FreePBX Users/Devs,

I have a system that does what I need and am happy with it. A friend of mine commented that something wasn’t working properly for them and I started looking around.

I noticed there’s a lot of backwards-and-forwards between 3rd party stuff and core FreePBX - to combat this, in the FreePBX System Status, could a field be added categorising (in an escalation type manner):

  1. FreePBX Supported Modules In Use
  2. FreePBX 3rd Party Modules In Use
  3. FreePBX Supported Modules In Use + Custom Contexts Detected

And perhaps listing them (perhaps down the track) - I know they can be checked in the module admin section but I’m just putting my 2c in to help you guys cut through the crap you have to deal with on a cyclical basis!