Barge questions

If a supervisor requests to barge in on an extension that has placed the caller on hold, will it work (the supervisor can talk to the customer, even though the agent has the call on hold).

We have gotten much more remote over the Covid times. Can two different supervisors barge in on the same agent call from two different extensions, at the same time?


No it won’t work, at least not for a hold initiated using SIP. As they put someone on hold they are on hold at the SIP protocol level. Asterisk will not try to negotiate out of that state, and it is very unlikely that the phone would obey, even if it did. (If the phone uses the old, c= way of doing this, there is no way that Asterisk could even really try.

The caller isn’t normally in a SIP hold state, but they are still in a sate where local media will be thrown away and music on hold substituted. If barge on that side tried to take them out of hold, things could get very confused, so I don’t think that would happen, either.

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