Ban inbound external calls to one extension

I have a client that has a paging system through an Algo device. The Algo is registered as an extension. I need any extension to be able t call the paging system, but i would like to block external calls from coming in.

The inbound route goes to an IVR that has direct dial enabled. So anyone who knows the paging extension could call from an outside line and start blasting the paging system.

this requires scripting the extensions_override_freepbx.conf to override the [from-did-direct] context as follows>>

exten => 247/_XXXXX.,1,Goto(ext-queues,2005,1)
exten => 247/_X.,1,Answer()

in this example i am sending direct calls tryoing to reach extension 247 to queue 2005

Either add IVR Entry (option) to your IVR that matches the Algo extension and routes to Terminate Call, or set Enable Direct Dial to use a Directory that does not include the Algo.


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