Balancing oubound call on 2 gsm trunks

Hi there

FreePBX on Elastix 1.3

My customer has a MV-372 portech gsm gw.
I have defined 2 sip trunks, one for each sim.
I have an outbound route that start every time with first sim and fall down to second sim, when the first is CHANUNAVAILABLE (sip code error 503).
Al is ok, until now.
Now my customer has subscribed with his telco provider a monthly flat rate: 5,5 hrs/days/sim
So, now i need to balance total traffic between the 2 sim.
Without balancing, the first sim (trunk) will be overused, vanishing any convenience in flat rates.
Any advice or suggestion will be apreciated.


You can use Opensips with load balancing module.
Hope this will help ->

i wouldn’t never note it without your solicitation :slight_smile:

I’ve written a Freepbx module to do this. You can have a look here to download it:

It is still an alpha release right now, but I have it on two production PBX with Freepbx 2.6 without any problem. The main enhancement for the full release will be focused on a nicer user interface.