Bad data to QueueMetrics

Having an issue currently where FreePBX is sending duplicate call records to QueueMetrics, such that calls will appear twice on a report, one that’s answered, and one dropped.

Reached out to QueueMetrics support for some direction, they responded with the following:

I had a look into the issue, and I found out that it is caused by some incorrect data that we get sent - so it is a PBX issue. On a previous version, such data would always be ignored (as it is ignored fort reports) - but by being there, it is an issue for the RT page and wallboards.
At some point, a call reaches queue [number] - and at the very same moment, it reaches a queue that has no code - it’s a blank. That’s not possible. Both calls have the same call_id, so QueueMetrics will consider them to be the SAME call - so it will be closed twice, and that’s why you have a lot of lost calls - it’s answered once, and lost once.
But - you cannot have a call handled twice on Asterisk, and you cannot have a queue named “”. So there must be something wrong with your dialplan or the PBX config.

Curious if anyone has any thoughts on where this might be happening in the PBX config. We are currently on FreePBX version, Asterisk 16.25.2.

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Can you post the snippet of queue_log showing the issue?

How does the data look on FreePBX/Asterisk? If it looks normal, then it is not a “PBX Issue” as it is not the PBX’s job to support 3rd party vendors that they know nothing about. I suspect you’ll need to share a call log and describe your call flow, especially if it involves multiple queues.

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