Backups just stopped working

So, I had my system set to backup every night at midnight. It seemed to be working fine, with no glitches. Well, I logged in today and realized that it hasn’t backed up since Dec. 12!
It went for a little over a month and then just called quits.

I tried creating another backup schedule and told it to backup “Now”. That didn’t do a thing. I ssh’d to the box and there wasn’t even a folder created for that new backup schedule.

Any reason that this would happen? The server has plenty of space, so that’s not an issue. It seems odd that it would work for over a month and then just stop, and not even let me create a new job. I haven’t done any work on the system since then and there haven’t been any changes. Weird.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

PS. I’m running FreePBX

what changed on Dec 12?

The most common reasons for this to happen are permission based. Did asterisk stop and you restart it as root by any chance? check the permissions also.

a quick way to do it all would be to run these three lines as root
amportal stop
amportal chown
amportal start

Thanks for the response, and sorry for the late reply!

It’s working now. I just updated all the components, then did a amportal restart, and it started working.

Nothing changed as of Dec 12, the only thing that maybe happened was I restarted asterisk? I can’t remember, but there shouldn’t have been any configuration changes.

Oh well, it’s working now!

it all depends on how you restarted asterisk. If you started asterisk as root by doing /etc/init.d/asterisk start then that would do it as it’s now running asterisk as root instead of asterisk.

Well, maybe that’s what did it! I don’t remember doing that, but it’s very probable and seems to be the only explanation.

Thanks for your help!