Backups for newbies

here is a tip:

I have been struggling with creating a backup and then “sending” it somewhere safe.

I tried mounting a thumbdrive, I looked into Amazon S3 cloud storage, I tried Filezilla and an FTP server. I got roadblocks with emailing.

In the end, all I really wanted was a copy of the backup file.

To do:
login using the remote GUI
backup locally (on your HD of the server)
then click restore. click the file, and you have the option to download the file! voila!! sorry had to share this revelation. I have been trying to get a copy on a thumbdrive forever. (yes, I am not a linux whiz)

I just FTP to the PBX and then copy the backup file to our NAS or where ever I want it to go. You should be able to FTP with Filezilla without issue, that’s what I have been using for a few years now.

What version of FreePBX? There is a backup module that has all sorts of options for making backups and sending them to other locations.

yes, I know there is a backup module. That’s how I created the backup file. ?? to answer your question. I am using Freepbx with the most up to date Backup Module.