Backups failing - MySQL has gone away

I have a fresh install of FBX15. Restored from backup. It is quite a large system and has over 150 extensions. When I try to run a backup, WITHOUT voicemail, CDRs, and CEL modules, it finishes fine. If I try to add in voicemail into the backup, it gets to the end of the voicemail backup section, and then fails with the error below. This happens when running the backup from the GUI as well as the CLI. Are there any settings I can adjust? It feels like this is happening due to a timeout of some sort? The backup takes about 10 min until it fails.

    Adding file to tar: files/etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf
    Adding module manifest for voicemail

Working with vqplus module
The module vqplus returned no data, No backup created
Working with webrtc module
Exporting Databases from webrtc
The module webrtc returned no data, No backup created

In modulefunctions.class.php line 700:

SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away

Seems like a bug. Report this issue:

If you have huge databases, you might want to look for OOM (out of memory) indications in your syslog file,

So I forgot about one file that I changed. For whatever reason, on the old PBX (14), I had this in the my.cnf file:

max_connections = 250
wait_timeout = 180

I removed those 2 entries, rebooted, and backup worked perfectly.
I have no memory of why I would have put those in my old system, but I did.

Issue Resolved!

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