Backup works on one server, not on other

Hi all…

So I’m trying to back up about 15 different FreePBX servers… my problem is this:

Server 1 - Backs-up fine, no issues, decently sized file, as it should be
Server 2 - runs the scheduled backup, 0bits file size, PBX has 10+ inbound routes, 80+ extensions, etc… should have SOMETHING there, right?

They are running:

Backup & Restore
FreePBX ARI Framework
FreePBX FOP Framework
FreePBX Framework
FreePBX Localization Updates
System Dashboard

If you need any other information, let me know and I’ll provide it for you.

So my question is this… why is one working and the other not? They are setup the EXACT same, same remote server, same everything…

Any help is GREATLY appreciated

Thanks in advance