Backup to SSH server does not work with FreePBX 15

Since FreePBX 13 I have been using SSH as a backup store. So I think I knew how it worked.
I have now imported a backup of FreePBX 14 into a new installation with FreePBX 15. However, the backup definitions and the backup destinations were not imported.
Never mind, I can define that again. OK, these are now backup stores. I can define SSH there too. So I created an SSH backup store as usual.

I’m testing the ssh connection in the shell (port 8833 is an example, because I don’t use port 22 for the SSH server):
sudo -u asterisk ssh -p 8833 [email protected]
And it works. I can create files on the remote computer and delete them again.

But when I run the backup in FreePBX, I get the following error:
Performing remote maintenance
Could not login with username: user, host: host.domain.tld
Finished remote maintenance

FreePBX then saves the backup locally:
Saving to selected Filestore locations
However, the process never ends.

What is the problem here? Backup module has version

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