Backup to Filestore SSH Issues

(Michael) #1

Hi all,

I’m having an issue with Freepbx with Filestore and Backup & Restore I am trying to save my backups to an offsite location using SSH and even though the backups reports success, the files never show up on my SSH server. I have confirmed that I’m able to login to the server using the asterisk user using the RSA keys and am even able to manually SCP the backup files to my desired location on the server.

Can anyone guide me in any direction to diagnose where I’m going wrong? One odd issue is that if I enter a path when creating the SSH filestore, when backing up, it gives me the following error: Root is invalid or does not exist: /volume1/homes/backup/

I have confirmed that that directory is accessible with full read/write privileges. Leaving the path empty does not give me any errors.

Any help is greatly appreciated!