Backup Schedule Not Working


FreePbx Backup & Restore

The schedule option is not functioning. If I run a backup as NOW it runs fine, but if I schedule nothing happens.

Where can I find logs for the schedule option that might indicate what is happening?


I use Clonezilla. If there are significant changes made, I shut down, (at night) reboot with a clonezilla CD, and make a complete image of the filesystem. In that way, if something catastrophic happens, I pop the CD in another machine, restore the backup to it, and Viola! I have my phonesystem back.

In fact, I have a hot spare that I update in this way occasionally, and if the box dies, I just plug it in and fire it up.

If the two machines hardware is a bit different, minor tweaking of the config files might be in order.

The scheduled backups are run via cron. Check the crontab of your asterisk user to ensure that the backups are being scheduled, and then add a mailto line so that you get the error reports