Backup Schedule Not Running

I have a backup schedule set for daily but it is not running. I’m not sure what to check to see why the job is not running as scheduled.

What happens when you run that job manually? Does it complete successfully?

Correct. When the job is run manually, it completes with no problem.

I believe it uses crontab, is it running?

Also, can you post a screenshot from the bottom of your backup job? Just to make sure you have it right.

How do I check to make sure that crontab is running? Sorry, new to Linux.

Here is the image:

Your last screenshot shows you scheduled it weekly, maybe wait until Sunday before you state is not working.

Thanks for the reply Dicko. I have been having this issue since the system was installed a few months ago. I did not set a weekly backup yesterday and then generate this thread today. :slight_smile:

I initially set the backup as daily. When it wasn’t going through, I changed it to weekly. Hoping maybe changing the schedule would kick start it somehow. When that did not work, I deleted the job all together and then re-created it. That was two weeks ago. Still no go.

The script will be shown with

Crontab -u asterisk -l

The will be run by the /bin/shshell at the times specified in the first 5 fields, again, they are run by /bin/sh not /bin/bash as the user you debug them

Ended up deleting the job, restarting asterisk and then re-creating the job. It is running daily without an issue.

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