Backup & Restore

I tried clonezilla and mondorescue but the FreePBX backup is easier to use and already integrated with FreePBX.

Just wondering if it’s possible to backup other stuff as well. There are templates for the FreePBX config and the CDR but I can’t seem to select other SQL tables like a2billing or worpress for backup.

Does anyone have a template or instructions on how to do that with the backup & restore module?

you can add directories or files to the template. we do this all the time to back up script files and other stuff we have created. there is a small + beneath the other items in the template, click that

I saw that. Thanks.

I am mostly concerned about the SQL databases though and don’t see a way to include the a2billing data or other tables in the backup.

Backing up to Amazon S3 works like a charm.
Does anyone have a template to backup a2billing data within the freepbx backup module?
How would I backup the entire mya2billing SQL database? (except RATES. That’s too big and has to be a another backup)

Again go into the servers section and add a new DB server with what DB you want backed up and then you can add it to your template. Did you review the wiki on backup module?

I read it and tried to add it in the templates section.
I just didn’t realize it had to be added as a Server. Sorry.

Works great. Thanks. If I do a full backup and restore to another system, will it have the same IP address and network settings as the original system?

so I did my backup and tried to restore to another server but it fails with permission denied.

Starting restore.
Initializing Restore…
Running pre-restore hooks, if any…
Restoring files (this may take some time)…
/bin/tar: ./mysql-7.sql: Cannot open: Permission denied
/bin/tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors
File restore complete!
Running post-restore hooks, if any…
Cleaning up…
Restore complete!