Backup/restore to warm spare not completing

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Using current version 15 of backup/restore on both servers, the backup job doesn’t complete and there are no indications in the log as to why.

On the spare, the restore process completes and everything looks good. The last line in the backup log on the spare shows that it finished successfully.

On the primary, the backup job stays alive and the last line in the log indicates that it is triggering the restore job on the spare. I have to eventually kill the process.

What is warm spare backup/restore waiting for at this point and not getting?

BTW I opened a ticket on this and got that it was not reproducible. But maybe someone here in the community has seen and solved this.

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TBH, all of our warm spare setups I left on v14, so I cannot really reproduce…

Assuming you have already checked that, is the PBX and it’s modules up to date?

A little off-topic: While I understand that backup was rewritten in 15, I really don’t get the idea of why there was a need to change that running the warm spare replication should happen on the primary.

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There was no reason for the direction and really still isn’t. I wrote the backend but the automation was written by the team after I left.

The general idea in writing was that it could be a push or pull operation. I am not sure there is a selling point on either direction as it is basically the same list of tasks.

  1. Generate backup on A
  2. Copy backup to B
  3. Run restore on B
  4. ???
  5. profit

Same commands run, just a matter of “who” runs them

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