Backup & Restore to Upgrade Major Release Questions

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Now I know I’m going to get flamed for this and have no doubt these questions have been asked a million times before but here I go…

I have a box on 1.1009.210.58-1 (now unsupported). I have updated all the modules and are on Backup Version

From reading I understand that I cannot upgrade major versions IE to 2.21X or 3.X directly.

So is the best methodology to carry out a full backup using the FreePBX backup module, installing the new version on the server and then restoring the backup???

Will this backup (Version allow for a restore in both 2x and 3x versions?

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Alan Scott

I just did a test upgrade from 1.813.210.58-1 to 2.210.62-5 and did not restore the freepbx.conf but all the Voice Mail, FreePBX DB config, and CDR data. It seemed to of worked fine, except that all the VM’s are disabled for all of the extensions. I am not sure if there is any way around this or not. Has anyone else had any experience with this?

The problem is that amongst other things the MySQL database format changes between version to cater for new functionality, etc. So it’s not very straight forward to just backup and restore between versions. A good fallback might be to do a bulk extension and did download from the old system and then reformat this in line with the fields required by the new version (as these change too) and then upload to the new version. Can’t remember which was the first version to have bulk extension and did facility though.

I just had to move a load of extensions from an old Trixbox system to a new FreePBX system and what I did was:

  1. Using a MySQL query extract various important extension and did data to a couple of files.
  2. Put these into a spreadsheet
  3. Create one extension and inbound route on the new system
  4. Export the extensions and did’s on the new system to csv files.
  5. Open those in a spreadsheet
  6. Using the extension and did data from the old system MySQL export format entries for each extension on the new system (taking the exported extension on the new system as a template)
  7. Upload this csv data to the new system.

All my extensions where then on the new system without having to re-enter them all.

Looking through my test system, it seems the restore did work. All the extensions are available, the trunks have been re-created, inbound and outbound routes created, it looks like all is correct, except that voice mail for all extensions is disabled.

I don’t mind re-enabling all of the VM’s for all the extensions, and telling my users to reset their VM passwords if they had one to begin with. I just need to make sure that nothing else would be missing.

If I had to, I could rebuild the new system, re-create everything manually, then copy over all of the VM’s and IVR recordings via SCP.

I am grateful for all of the works the Dev Team has been doing / Continues to do on this system. One request I would make would be an “Export / Import” of configuration settings / VM / IVR / CDR data from one Major version to another. If I knew how to build one, I would do it and offer it up to the dev team. :frowning:

So I went to look at the Distro Upgrade Wiki

and if you click on End of Life Releases, then the version I was running 1.8xx.210.58 then it says this at the top of the page.

This release has been end of life and does not have any upgrade path to a newer release track due to a limitation of Centos 5 to Centos 6 providing no upgrade path. Please use the FreePBX backup and restore module to backup your PBX and restore it on a newer track such as 2.210.62.

So I guess I did it correctly. But are the Vociemail’s Supposed to be disabled for each user? Should I run all of the upgrade scripts on the old system first before I perform the backup?

Has anyone seen any other adverse affects from a backup/restore other than voicemail being disabled for each extension?

you need to include /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf in your backup.