Backup + Restore Procedure

I’m going to be moving my setup from a Lap Top to a FreePBX 60 Appliance. The FreePBX 60 will also include the installation of a Sangoma FXO / FXS card. I’d like to confirm the process first within this forum.

Lap Top
PBX Firmware = 10.13.66-17
PBX Service Pack =

Procedure - make sure the Lap Top is upgraded to the latest firmware and the modules are up to date.

  • complete a “full backup” including “voice mail” and “system audio”.
  • transfer this onto a USB stick.
  • power up the FreePBX 60, select Asterisk 13 and upgrade it to the latest firmware, service pack and modules. Hopefully “System Admin Module” comes with the appliance.
  • complete a restore from the USB key
  • lastly, install the Sangoma FXO / FXS card
  • test and verify.

Is this the correct procedure to follow?

Thanks in advance for any help that maybe provided.